Dec 24, 2006

Xmas Party

This post is a little behind the times. Two weeks behind in fact, but I just managed to download the photos for it. So two weeks ago was the Royal Tyrrell Museum's Xmas party extravaganza!

It was probably the best non-summer visit I've ever had in Drumheller. Which is appropriate what with it being my second last outing there for a LONG time.

So the evening was held at the new restaurant in town The Quarry which was a excellent venue. If you're in town I highly recommend them. At 1102 highway 9 South C aka right beside the Dairy Queen.

So this was my dressed up self that showed up (though this photo is taken after I had a generous amount of holiday cheer... maybe that's why that string of lights in the background lines up with my head humorously).

So me and my peeps all ended up at the King of Hearts table (as nicely modelled here by Dan). They used these cards as a means of randomly selecting who would be selected for meals. Kirsten would get our table into some trouble when she misheard a call for dinner. From here on throughout the night the King of Hearts would be synonymous with trouble. Probably appropriate considering our roaster:

Here we have side one of the table.

The other side inversely.

Event one was the gift exchange. Hosted by the main man Tyler (seen here very happy with his task). Typical random present grab or steal event. Where it got interesting was that our table stole the most number of items making us ever more popular throughout the evening.
Fortunately stealing attention from us was the continual thieving of Megan's presents. Though In the end Megan ended up with the present I put in. A set of my best used books (as I'm clearing house for the move).

Here is a selection of the gifts our table drafted. The giant reindeer was my selection. Fortunately it was stolen. I'm just not seeing it as an easy task to ship a deer this size to New Zealand.

After the gift exchange was the Museum Xmas video which was pretty funny. Followed by games and fun including this cut throat game of Texas Hold em. I was eliminated pretty quick.

In the end our dear Dr. Francois sharked them all. What can I say he's got a PHD, you'd expect him to outsmart us all... So if the curator gig doesn't work out he's got a nice backup in Vegas

After losing our imaginary shirts came time to uh well indulge in refreshments. Like usual my partner in booze Cam was up for the challenge. So was Brad (who I had never had the privilege of drinking with before)

Didn't take us long to be off the races either. Between the three of us nearly a whole bottle of Absentith was consumed...

We of course weren't the only ones to enjoy some refreshments. Here we see a Blue Tongued Jenn who had been enjoying some manner of colored drink.

Concluding the night was a drunken dance.

All in all a very fun and entertaining night.

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