Nov 30, 2006

Toy of the Century!

Well just this week Lego was titled toy of the century. I couldn't agree more! Lego was THE staple toy of my childhood that no matter what I would always play with in the end. Well and up till present.

I'm reminded of one of my favorite corner gas moments where Hank wanting to do something to celebrate Dog Rivers Centenial decides to build a replica of the town made of lego. He needs enough lego to do this though, and starts asking people to borrow their lego. Brent of course refuses, but a scene later we see Brent's mother hand it over to Hank.

"Mom who said you could give away my toys?!?" Brent

"Oh come now Brent you haven't played with them for months" Mom

Not that I've been able to dig into mine since the move this summer. Stupid going to New Zealand!

Well hearing this news of Lego's achievment I figured I'd take a look back at some of my favorite Lego milestones...

This Castle set the Forestmen's River Fortress was among my first independantly purchased sets ever. At the age of 9 I saved up my allowance for months to get this one. My dad impressed came with me, and helped me buy an additional set to supplement this one. I however bought the fortress on my own...

The ultimate set ever! This was my all time favorite the Ice Planet Deep Freeze Defender. I bought this when I was 12 with my lawn mowing profits. This was the last set I got from Consumers distrubitors before they went out of business. They were my hook up with cheaper sets then major toy stores... This marked the height of my lego golden age. I STILL had this ship together before the move this summer

Ah the Lego Dragon the apex of the Lego critters. Getting such figs is a story in and of itself (if I ever do an autobiography Lego will be a whole chapter LOL). I loved to get all the cool specialized and weird mini figures I could. It was always a challenge for me and dad to find the cheapest sets and means of getting these figures. Among them were the lego Shark (first critter I HAD to have!), monkey, parrot, ghost, and then DRAGON! That was the longest month ever. We in Canada didn't get them till several weeks after the offical release date. Man was it worth it!

Now this was a late entry in my Lego history. At 20 yrs old I learned of THE Lego item I'd always wanted as a child. Lego Dinosaurs! Now as a kid I'd always pictured a new Caveman theme to do them, but the guys at Lego outsmarted me (granted I still think Lego Cavemen would be COOL). They comboed the Dinos with their new Indiana Jones theme from the year previous. I could only resist getting them till I had a job. My second year at kamp kiwanis become the year of Virus' Lego... Three Dino sets were the start of this kiwanis collection which grew as I purchased more staffers Lego collections.

Now sadly this is not mine... However it is one of the cool Lego discoverys I've made on the internet that just shows why this stuff is toy of the century!

So here's to Lego and a glorious future! Now I just have to stay away from Batman Lego...

Boneheaded Bite

Scientists this week published their findings on the biting force of Dunkleosteus the giant predatory armoured fish of the Devionian. Based on biomechanical models and simulations they have determined this monster packed the most powerful bite of any fish currently known. Coupled with that it was able to open it's month extremely rapidly which probably caused a water vaccum effect which made it that much easier for Dunky to catch its prey.

If you're looking for a fun video demenstration BBC's Chased by Dinosaurs Sea Monsters has a fantastic sequence all about Dunkleosteus and more to the point this horrific biting power. I suspect when they made the movie their advisors were the same scientific team that made this find.

To think me and peter put our lives in our hands all those summers obliviously wandering by these jaws...

Nov 28, 2006

"Swamped" at Work!

Today marked a first at work. I had to actually work!

Both me and my bosses (I have two of them) were discussing how I wasn't doing anything in my current scheduling. I volunteered to come in earlier for work as that was when it seemed all the guests were coming. My bosses weren't entirely certain, but asked for me to try it this week. The results:

I had a total of 2 guests come in. That's right 2 of them came in TODAY! That is exactly the same as my total guests perviously greeted!

So it is official that I now start and end work an hour early everyday now.

Other then that it was a pretty eventful day. Though the temp dropped really hard this weekend, and it is about -25 (-40 today when you factored in the windchill). One of my bosses car won't start when we got off. So I helped him out by boosting his car.

So all in all my most crazy day at work... If it keeps up at this rate I may not last :P

Nov 22, 2006

Life According to Mal: Betrayal

Well the entire ordeal that is Tim Hortons is COMPLETELY done as of today. I cashed my big shiny 0.05% of the job (as in % of Timmies total sales while I was there), and it feels good to be done with it.

Here's the rough story. I'm leaving out names cause well frankly I'm not holding a grudge with individuals (you'll notice never in my rants of Timmies have I used names). Tim Hortons Crowchild though is another story. However don't think I'm saying don't goto Timmies. Hell I went yesterday after this LOL just not that location. Just make sure you show the workers respect. It's a shitass job!

Of course I tell the story from a delusional Firefly or Serenity version. The reason this could have been an episode of the show...

"Why can't things just for once go according to the goram plan?"
Getting my last paycheck was something of an ordeal. I did predict it to be so. Just didn't see it being so predictable stupid. Compared to Jane these guys look like an idiots (the fact they wear hats helps with that jab I guess :P ) .

I showed up at Timmies to grab my paycheck I knew I'd have to deal with at least one of the main managers. It just so happened to be the one who "fought so hard to get me my bonus back", and he's clearly going to be a dick...

He immediately asks if I've returned my uniform, which I hadn't (was going to see if I could hold on to it, and burn it oh well...), so I grabbed it from the car, and then there was a whole cofuffle about my SIN. Finally after fixing that in a mere 30 min?!? (he was very purposfully dragging his heels, and trying to waste my time... I didn't care had nothing better to do then get PAID!) He pulls this whole "I'm not giving you your check till I tell you what I think of you and your shit" WOW big words from the man... I'm real scaried now

Okay so I'll give him this right now "Man can hold a grudge." From his point of view I will say right now I did affront him bad. Problem is I don't respect his point of view at all, and think it is really funny actually. Inspiration for some future project to be sure.

He launches on about how he went out on a limb for me, and fought for my bonus. Then I just out right quit and made "everyone else work harder to cover for me"...

Uh okay. Fighting for money I HAD earned and you took away, thanks for the favour buddy! Glad to see that with Timmies pay is just a perk of the shit ass labour, but only if your good... WTF. Making everyone cover for me oh right sorry... Seems he forgot the part where I'd already QUIT!!! I sure was feeling that I needed to contribute to the teams success. I just left a few days early.

"You come over to this side I'll see to it you get your fair share of the job."

Now call me a mercenary if you must, but I pointed out to supervisor I was offered a new job. The thing that one looks for after quitting typically. It also happened to pay almost double their salary (especially minus the bonus!). It started within my last week of scheduled Timmies shifts, but frankly I wasn't going to turn it down due to "loyality" to Timmies. I wasn't "a part of their crew".
His rebuttal. "No I'd stay here anyway cause it's what's right. Your just a coward." Uh okay. I guess he's got me there. Only way I could live with myself is take that dishonor for the price of oh I don't know double pay, better hours, and personal office. Oh wait. Darn I am a coward...
Here comes my favorite part of the exchange... Poor supervisor pulls out the "you're a son of a bitch you know that. You stand here and stab me in the back." LOL. Man not only does a Mal pop into my head at that moment I say it

"Next time you stab me in the back you do it to my face!"

Now I put it as "well I'm stabbing you in the face dude. To do it in the back I'd have to not be here, and listening to this" I also managed to get another firefly line in... what can I say I was a geek having fun being a jerk "I haven't even said anything while you been saying some unkind words as to my character"

Well here's where he tries to pull a Badger on me with an attempt at superiority

"{You're} a man of honor in a den of thieves. Well this is my goram den, and I don't like the way you look down at me. I'm bigger then you, better then. Legitimate business man see. Respectable, roots in the community"

He tries somehow to shame me with "I feel sorry for the place your working at now. They've made a big mistake." Sure they probably did, but that just makes me all more proud... Suckered another poor hapless victim and getting twice as much for it LOL. Not that I ever did a bad job for supervisor WHILE I was working at Timmies... I think he missed the point of "I QUIT" again

Then he releases his big bomb. What a clever little 22 year old he is. He definitely learned a lot being the captain of the football team (he still wears the jacket...). "You know when you said you didn't want to drop the "over qualified" for this job when we talked. Well I think your "underqualified" for this job fucker!"...

Wow with this one had supervisor put me in my place? Taking my statement of insult about timmies being beneath me, and suddenly turning it cleverly into an insult about it being above me!!!

Well I was surprised by my reply. I'm not one for confrontations as many know. This whole Timmies ordeal has probably been the most in anyones face I've ever been. That line with it's absolute stupidity, "your underqualified" wow good one! I've had 8 year olds insult me better (seriously)...

I laughed in his face. More of an evil cackle. It was just natural. Not planned, and not one of my acted drama ones. A really condescending one. In my head I was a little stunned. Supervisor sure was too... Till this point I'd been just standing there passive aggresively taking his insults with little retort.

"I'm here to talk about this like civilized men. I'm unarmed..."


Well with the laugh I turned into more of a Mal then I thought I could... Typically I'm more the Wash type. Supervisor tries to regain the ground... He realizes that I haven't been silent due to shame more just waiting him out. "I'm glad that your leaving..." he starts, but I interrupt him.

"No they'll never see this coming"

At this point I notice the whole confrontation has resulted in our body positions shifting away from the check on the counter. I snag it. He is even more baffled stopping in the middle of his wanting me to go. "Well that's great {supervisor's name} cause now you won't have to see me again." I wave the check in the air. Just to be an ass "Though if you have anything more to get off your chest I've got a few more minutes to kill..."

"No I've got work to do." again all I have to say is WOW. That sure turned the tables.

Now I did feel bad about the whole affair in a way, but only a way. It summarized the whole Tim Hortons franchise. This supervisor did play a big part in getting my money. I'm sure he felt hurt. The problem is he missed the point. Just like his fellow managers. There is a verse beyond Timmies... "Where's it written we have to lay down our lives for her?!?"

This supervisor was the son of the owner, and as of such was in an odd position.He wanted to do the right thing. He just is so brainwashed by Timmies he couldn't see the difference between the business and personal ends of this affair. I do appreciate he's efforts. At the same time I'm not feeling bad for getting on with my life, and more to the point screwing them back a bit.

I've never been this stressed by work in my life. Earl's is a utopia compared to this place.

The moral of this according to Mal you leave Badger's den, and find work on the border worlds... and in the end...

"I did the job and I get paid!"

Nov 18, 2006

Aquariums I HAVE to visit!

So was poking around on wikipedia, and like usuaul I made a really amazing factual discovery.

Would you believe that there are at present 3 aquariums in the world that hold Whale Sharks as part of their displays! This just blows my mind with its immensity and coolness!

Four live at the "World's Largest Aquarium" in Atlanta, three in Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, and a singleton at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. So I now have a real reason to visit Japan!

Anyways moral of the story if you have time to waste don't watch TV (well except maybe Report on Business TV so that I get a raise :P ), check out Wikipedia instead! You're bound to find something immensely cool AND educational in about 5 min tops...

Nov 17, 2006

The CFCN Gig

Due to the somewhat heavy events of the last few days I've been delayed on the long overdue entry on my new job...

Okay so I work for the Report on Business Television division of CTV. I'm of course posted in the Calgary branch that is located at the CFCN station. My job title is Guest Greeter, and in a moment you'll get the details of my taxing task...

The CFCN broadcasting tower. A landmark in Calgary since well before I was born.

So the daily drive to work isn't too bad in comparison to some you can make in Cowtown these days. What makes this so isn't the distance to work, as the station is actually a little ways from my current home. It's the proximity in the valley alignment.

What I mean by this is that I am directly across from the station on the river valley that makes up the core of Calgary. Making this fantastic for efficent commutes is we're on the far West end of the valley. Meaning that the major roads that connect us aren't the most busy...

A close up for the tower as it is seen from the front door of CFCN. Unfortuently I can't quite connect these two properly. Though the trees lineup you'll notice the tower actually connects to the left of the bottom picture.

So the typical routine is get to work for 3:15pm. Head inside the front door, and hang a left right away to get to my desk. Located in the CFCN news room...

The Newsroom! Normally packed with reporters and anchors. I'm not supposed to take pictures in the building, so I snapped this when I was't going to get caught...

Here is my little corner of the news room.

So thus far the majority of my shifts up till the present have been spent here. Typically I've been working on my homework for my New Zealand internet prereq courses. Once and a while when I'm a bad boy or just lacking disipline also a bit of blog work...

My "office"

On the days I theortically have a guest I then have to head down stairs into the bowels of the station to the ROB (Report on Business) studio.

First I'd have greeted the guest at the front door (hence my job title), and then bring them to the studio. Once here I get our guest to sit in the chair there in front of the camera. I straight out their tie and jacket. Hook them up with a microphone and ear piece, and then call Toronto to let them know that we're good to go on the interview.

My "office" from the camera's point of view

Once the interview is done I do the reverse. Remove the tech gear. Mess up their jacket and tie (okay if they don't tip me :P ). Take them up to the front door. Thank them for coming, and that is that. Back to my desk in the newsroom in theory waiting for the next guest.

In total I've had 1 guest in two weeks. That's right. I'm super overworked here. I can't believe the unhumanity of it all!

Amazing view of Calgary from anywhere in the station!

Yeah so that's life at moment. I love it! Compared to Timmies where I was up all night, and had to waste my days off on homework. Now I get paid to do my homework, and can fool around in the evenings (and I've been good, and haven't wasted that much money!).

Fun closing bit of trivia from the set of ROBTV. They have this backdrop of the city to establish where the interviewee is located. They used to have a window with the previous amazing view. However on days like all of last week where the station is in thick fog you can't see anything. So they made this backdrop.

My boss on the first day noted me looking at it curiously and she says "DON'T look to closely at that or you'll go mad!". Indeed I'd noticed the problem. This isn't a real photo of Calgary rather a composite of all the landmarks. Calgarians are probably noticing this too. For those of you from elsewhere you can see the reflection of the Calgary Tower in Bankers Hall (the tall scrapper on the right) from where the tower should be!

I thought that was funny, and figured I'd share this one funny showbiz tidbit with you.

Nov 15, 2006

Kiwanis United

Well today was the day. Twig's funeral, and what an experience that was.

There is any number of things I could bring up, and essentially whine about. The traffic jam I had to navigate to get to the funeral on time. The parking lot being full, and my getting pinned in by monster trucks. Not managing to get a seat with my fellow Kiwanians...

Funeral home where the service was held at

However this is all trivial in comparison to other people's ordeal today, and the lead up since last wednesday.

What a powerful and well done ceremony. The turnout was unbelievable. The venue had a capacity of 350, and I was like at LEAST 200 other people and forced to stand in the lobby due to that many more showing up. It was a real testement to Twig's (Mark) impact during his 21 years of life.

Though again I didn't have the privelage of knowing him well I can say this after hearing the stories, seeing the 4 panels of pictures with him doing his kamp thing, and talking to my fellow Kiwanians I feel that Twig was a kindred spirit. In the sense that we are both hardcore summer campers. We put our fellow kamp staff and kids first while there, and we will be remembered for it!... It made me truely sad I didn't get to know him better.

Insert picture with your imagination here

Among the most powerful moments was Kiwanis' own Raven (Chris) talking of his dear friend Twig. Me being the morally questionable person I am I snapped a pic mid service, which I probably shouldn't have done, but in my defense my camera had a better point of view then I did... This way I at least know where the audio being projected into the lobby was coming from.

Though I felt a sense of tradgey and loss during the service it was immediately after the service concluded and we all gathered outside I was truely hit by the gravity of the day. This tradgey had gathered 6 generations of Kiwanis Kamp Staff! Many of my closest kamp friends were present. Including a few surprises.

You'll note I wore my Kiwanis name cookie

The biggest shocker of which was Moose (Tom) had flown in from Britain! More to the point he hadn't told anyone! It was good to see him. Especially since as fate has arranged it I won't be able to see him in Jan when he comes for his official visit as I fly out 12 hrs before he arrives...

Falcon (Brad) who I haven't seen in almost 2 years...

I think perhaps the most telling thing was the effort ALL the former kamp staff put into show their sympathies. In total there was nearly 30-40 of us (I couldn't be entirely sure as I don't know all the new staff by sight... though many of them knew who I was), and though out of the grand 500-600 who showed up that may not have been a giant group, but our presence was to be felt everywhere.

At the reception afterwards the overall theme and lesson is that though many of us have gone our own ways, and it seems that we have lost touch when it comes down to it the Kiwanis Kamp Krew is as tight and as strong as ever. When the call for strength and support for our own and their loved ones came the Kiwanians responded!

That was a powerful and signficant event in my life today. Though I'd put myself into self imposed exile, and cut much of Kiwanis from my life, that changed this afternoon. A tacit peace occurred today, and past misunderstandings and conflicts were buried. I'm a Kiwanian again today for the first time in 4 years, and my only regret is that it took the lose of a fellow Kiwanian to cause this.

This however was the one thing that was said throughout the day. Twig's greatest wish would have been for his death to at least cause all those around him to grow closer. I think that this may indeed be the case...

You'll note the addition of a new link in my link bar to Kamp Kiwanis. In honor of Twig...

Nov 14, 2006


Well today has been quite the shocker!

Logging in to my blog today I made a extremely alarming discovery. My old acquaintance (some of my friends would even say adopted son. An accusation to which I take great insult!) Traumador the Tyrannosaur has somehow hacked my blog, and incorporated it into his own profile!

When I emailed him about this he said it had something to do with his new special talent agent Peter Bond telling him to get as much publicity as he could. So the stupid little Dinosaur thought that hacking my blog and getting his name all over it was just the means to do this!

If I didn't have to goto work today I'd track him down, and get him for this. After all the stuff I've been doing for him too. Lesson being if you goto the bother of raising a peanut sized-brained dolt from hatchling don't send him off into the world where he can be influenced by gods know who.

So this looks like it is the new permenant state of the Insanity for now. Hopefully that's all the deranged little T-Rex does. He now techincally has administrative capacity on this site so I'm naturally a little worried about what he might do.

Nov 13, 2006

Pulp Craving

Well my creative efforts on legitimate projects like Delta Patrol or getting Dan's sisters wedding fully edited (so close on this one) keep getting intreupted either by homework or my parents. Today my first weekend day free of internet course work, and my parents get me to sort boxes of my stuff... grrrrrrrrr

Though I wish I could claim some sort of Indiana Jones type discovery whilst going through the 5 boxes of my crap I did make a cool find today. Sadly during the internet break I snuck in. It was this picture of a pulp era heroine and here crew at the center of the earth hunting trilobites!

Now I'm sure some of you know my weakness for this particular genre. I've read the majority of the all the prominent such series and stories throughout my childhood. This picture captured all the cool elements from these childhood memories and impressions. The exotic prehistoric ecosystem, alien inner core environment (in this case complete with cavernous roof of the Earth itself), and of course hot babes!

Just makes me want to go film a pulp style center of the earth story. I've even got the components in the works for such a project...

Trilobite for a nice any lass whose brave enough to hunt them (and star in one of my movies :P )

Pterosaur which would of course not only have to attack the heroes in the core,
but if I can manage it be ridden by an evil barbarian at some point too

Ceratopsian (Centrosaurus in this pic, but I can rearrange horns and such) that must have the dynamic herd shot, and at some critically inconvient point have a massive stampede

Of course the Tyrant King Lizard King himself ready to rule over and plague the inner world kingdom he so rightfully deserves!

I also have my own threads should I manage to get cast.
Also might be fun to sepia the film for added effect...
Oh well this is all sadly conjecture. I just needed to get some creative energy of a Center of the Earth variety out of my system, and this was as good a venue as any. Too bad this is the best I'm able to do at moment.
Today it was -5 outside, and there is snow on the ground. Added to this Alberta isn't the most suitable prehistoric looking filming location. If only I were moving somewhere in oh I don't know let's say 2 months that was not only warmer, like say summer, and had ferns and crazy greenery. If only. It might give me something to look forward to.
That and a new camcorder LOL

Tweeked the Blog

As I was forced to goto the Beta version of Blogger (not sure why that happened on JUST this account?) I started playing with it's capabilites. Was able to adjust a few things on the formatting of the template more. I like it more now. The Beta is fairly useful, but still more limited then I'd like. Wasn't able to adjust things quite as much as I'd like. I'm just going to have to learn HTML I guess.

Let me know what you think of this new look for the Insanity

Nov 12, 2006

Panda Breeding LOL

Okay this is too funny, and you have to read it to believe it...

Zookeepers in Bangkok (which just makes this funnier LOL) while having trouble encouraging their two Pandas to breed have devised a solution you have to read the full article on or you won't believe me. Their going to show the male big screen video of Panda mating so he learns how. Panda porn... In an actually institution. I'm crying right now having just read this a minute ago... TOO FUNNY!

Storm on Saturn

Today really interesting news from space...

Scientists have detected what looks like a hurricane like storm over the south pole of Saturn. At moment there is no explanation as to how this could have occurred as Saturn is a gasious planetary body thought to be devoid of liquid water. The key ingredient and thermal cause of hurricanes here on earth...

Nov 9, 2006

Death Day...

Well what started off as a normal day has taken a turn for the worse here in the last hour....

First while browsing the internet I discovered that Basil Poledouris composer of many fantastic film scores such as Robocop, Starship Troopers, and Conan died today of cancer...

Which is funny considering I'd been listening to Jerry Goldsmith, and Elmer Bernstein two of my other childhood favirites earlier today, and thinking how the film music world was getting smaller. Now I guess it's even more so...

Well then about 25 min later I find out by complete accident that a guy who worked at Kamp Kiwanis (a summer camp I used to work at) died today while on his way TO the camp!

His girlfriend whom I had worked with at Kamp with for 3 years popped up on MSN, which is a rare occurance. Starting what I thought would be a normal conversation I drove right into no doubt her worst day ever with a fercious naivety. I'm hoping things can SOMEHOW get better for her...

I'm feeling guilty cause I hardly knew the guy. He seemed nice the 3 times I met him. I just cut Kiwanis completely out of my life when I left, and he started after that period...

Here's to the memory of Twig

Nov 7, 2006

The Turning of the Tide

Well the hell that is Tim Hortons is over...

Despite them giving my money back, and my having technically agreed to work until this upcoming Saturday of the 11th I'm not working there EVER again. I blankly told them Saturday morning this...

They weren't happy about it of course. They just aren't efficent at communicating it. I think they were trying to make me feel guilty, but wording it as my leaving without proper notice shows "a lack of respect"... LOL I guess they did teach me something after all! If there's anyone whose good at showing disrespect it's them!

The reason I'm not going back. I got a new job. My dad found out that CFCN the TV station he works at needed a new guest greeter. My new tasks, as I got the position, include greeting special interview guests when they arrive at the station, entertaining them till their TV spot, and hooking them up with the gear needed for their interview.

The kicker it pays twice as much as Timmies for half the time. In other words I'm making almost the same amount for half the time!

Job starts this afternoon. I'll keep you posted of course.

So things are finally building up toward New Zealand as opposed to declining to depression or something a little more horror movieish.

Subvillain shapes up too...

Well just so that I can start hammering through post production on Delta Patrol I've also made the last push to finish off the Mezic (secondary badguys) ship too.

Nov 6, 2006

Best Looking Movie in a While...

So checked out IMDB today on a quick look for possible new soundtracks (cause nothing good AND new has come out in 4 months!). No luck looking for new music (for now).

An accidental discovery that looks sweet was the trailer for Night At the Museum. I'd heard about this movie a little while ago, and it sounds like a movie I'd make... Won't rant about how in fact I was going to (stupid lack of money!)

Check out the Trailer (click the link I've provided above in the post). Best thing in it is going to be the living T-Rex skeleton!

About time a movie FINALLY is coming out that I want to see!

Villians take form...

Well did some tinkering on the Delta Patrols villians, and I think it's safe to say the Arthis are done.

There will be three types of them for our heroes to defeat...

The small kind

Big kind. This was the only one of their ships I didn't have to retool or outright build from scratch. Just recolored an older model

Medium kind. Which was funny enough the last one I built. You'd think I'd go in size order, but then you'd have thought wrong!!!

Finally here is their whole force ready for action in the movie.

Last chance for any of the Delta production team to comment on this new direction for the Arthis look. Anyone else for that matter...

Nov 5, 2006

Arthis New Take...

Here is some new work on the bad guy ships for Delta Patrol. Don't like this take at all either LOL. Just hard to come up with something as this design in some way is the most important. The bad guys have to be as cool or cooler then the good guys...

Nov 3, 2006

Life According to Mal: Luck

Well its been one shiny day. Tim Hortons has become the enemy. Not just become the enemy, but the battle ground for my enemies. A valley of Serenity times ten. Timmies itself something of an Alliance and the costumers being the Reavers.

"Just for once I'd like things to go according to the goram plan!"

This morning we had the bakers pawn a bunch of their work onto us... Majorly upsetting our morning prep time. Then too boot when the rush started our supervisor, who is supposed to help, hungout in the office talking to a friend on the phone. Leaving me in charge of the front AND drivethrough. Each with about 5 costumers at any one time...

"You noticed anything lately about our luck lately"

This was nearly too much for me this morning. The worst morning of my whole Timmies on the eve of my quitting after they shafted me. Then the unthinkable happened...

"We've done the impossible and that makes us mighty"

The store owner pulls me aside after my shift. I'm expecting something resembling a scorning for my conduct this shift. Instead he tells me that I was right about the unfairness of my pay lose, and that they are going to give me it!!!

"Today's been a good day. I got paid"

I'm still leaving mind you. There is no trust left between me and Timmies, and unlike Mal I've got plenty of potential work.

Just goes to show you truely don't mess with Craig Dylke Browncoat!