Jun 27, 2011

Bird Enough?

Been working on my Ornithomimid a lot more (still can't say why or for what).

This is the current state of the heavily retooled head.

These are not the final textures, but I'm wanting this to be the final version of the model (apart from the eyes bulging a bit and no soft tissue inside the mouth. Be fixing them soon).

Opinions? Bird like enough? Ornithomimid enough?

Jun 12, 2011


Things have been quiet on my blog as of late. I've been kind of busy...

Last month was completely consumed by the wedding. Me and R had decided way back that we were going to have a destination wedding if and when we got married. It was the fairest way with both sets of our people being on other sides of the world.

So our destination was the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. I could go on, but I'll just let the pictures tell the story...