May 20, 2012

Beginnings of a New Scene

I had a very relaxing Sunday.

I saw Avengers again, watched a bunch of science videos on YouTube, and started work on a new piece.

Here is the scene so far. This will probably be the extent of my true 3D vegetation. From here on all addition plants will be 2D cutouts.

I will be adding a lot of dead logs and debris, and obviously some animals. That comes later of course.

May 17, 2012

Transformers Ripoff #51

Warlords Robot... Does whatever a spider transforming robot does!

Oh and did he mention he is a robot...

Transformer Ripoff #50

For the 50th of these ripoffs I saved something special.

Car Warrior: Racing Rivalry

I would have liked Pixar's Cars a lot more had this been Lighting Mcqueen. His new catch phrase says it all "Let's Fight!"

Transformers Ripoff #49

Letter World

With such an awesome title of this can you believe this was in a Chinese Walmart... Got to love mainland China

Transformers Ripoff #48

Robo Warrlors: Super Deformed Car

This was in a Chinese Walmart... Got to love mainland China

Transformers Ripoff #47

Monster King: Fight the Brigade

Another of the Walmart counterfeits.

Transformers Ripoff #46

Intelligence Warrior: Super Change

This was in a Chinese Walmart... Got to love mainland China

Transformer Ripoff #45

Chariot Missile Eagle: Super Warrior: Warlords Robot

This was in a Chinese Walmart... Got to love mainland China

May 13, 2012

Transformers Ripoff #44

Robot Super Trucks

Robots in Disguise for Robot... They're the Robot Heroes get ready to roll out! Just remember the specification and colours of contents may vary from photo.

Transformers Ripoff #43

Hawk Overlord

Transformers Ripoff #42

Taikongshenrs: Da Yu Zhou Zhi Zhan

Ultimate Mars Robot armed with a "Mcthcteh" Weapon System.

Transformers Ripoff #41

The Bomber Aibots

Transformers Ripoffs #40

X-Bot Rescue-Bot and Tour Bus-Bot

Transformers Ripoff #39

Gun-bot General Transformable

I love the caption "Fire, fire, Drop the Gun..."

Transformers Ripoffs #38

I've managed to gather a whole bunch of new Transformers knock toys...
Fireeninebot is our first entry.

May 10, 2012

Pop Culture Setting

So after my fairly epic amount oceanic art for the Dan Varner tribute gallery, I wanted to follow up with something kind of light and fun for the Pop Culture sequel gallery.

I'm thinking about Dinosaur superheroes, but wanted to get the locality down before doing much else.

Behold the beginnings of Fossilopolis thriving beacon of Saurian civilization. Always in constant threat of extinction...

I have no overall design concept other than buildings in the style of geologic formations that are otherwise different and non stereotypical. At moment the only thing I'm basing my designs are brick textures from some VERY Chinese buildings. They are producing interesting results so far.


Here are those same structures without the metal work.

This was the start I originally had. Of course this was the stereotypical approach, and I quickly decided I wanted to avoid this.

Unless people think the geologic formation buildings made of stone looks cooler. I'm currently in favour of my odd Chinese brick approach...