Sep 27, 2011

I'm alive and well

So what a (nearly) month it has been! (Four weeks exactly as of today!)

Needless to say we made it safe and sound to Hong Kong, and I jumped head long into a full teaching position less than 24 hours later... Things have been fast and furious since.

I promise some proper posts about my HK adventures once I have proper internet. So stand by.

We've been living out of a hotel the past month, a couple blocks from my work. While this might sound nice, it is actually very limiting to be based out of a hotel. We're very excited to be moving into our new apartment in over the next two days!

Art has not been a high priority, and only this past week have I had the spare time to play with things.

As I don't have the time for any proper HK posts (yet), I thought I'd throw up my current projects for some inital feedback. I'm hoping to return to 3D lighting once we've settled into the new place, and I can catch up on my teaching planning.

So this is the new project. Pretty sure you can figure out who this is supposed to be. Your key hint is it will say STAFF on the back of that shirt shortly.

 Does this on any level capture Traumador? In theory it should, but I'm not convinced. In some ways I just can't see any 3D version I create matching the puppet... At the same time I just can't envision the puppet version of the character serving me in any long term productive way anymore. I don't own the puppet's design, and it doesn't work for any of the book projects I'm starting to toy with in my mind...

So again is this Traumador? Could you ever learn to like this version on the same level as the puppet?

I'm starting to play around with styles too. Most have been big disasters, but this one of a Maori patterned NZ mosasaur has stumbled onto something I might play with more in the future.

Anyways expect lots of posts once I get proper net access this weekend...