Aug 30, 2008

Preview of Drum to Come

So been on a vacation in Drumheller for a week now. Sadly my trip ends in less than 36 hours. In fact functionally I've got just over 24 hours to go.

Due to a number of factors I'm only giving you a taste of whats gone on up here. I will be posting a lot more soon. PROMISE!

Among the most key is catching up with the peoples that made my life here in Drumheller so memorable. As of today I've managed some quality time with everyone I sought out (though maybe not the amount of time I'd have liked)

Discoveries everywhere. Though to be honest the best weren't mine, but I was along for the ride at least.

Some very unexpected adventures. This photo was taken from one. Bet you can't guess where it was taken from ;p

And of course Traumador had a TON of adventures up here. Of which this picture doesn't even come close to conveying. Seriously some of the best Traum photos and adventures ever will be coming from this Drum expedition.

Plus find out my current obsession. All coming soon once I return home, and nothing more adventure wise is occurring.

Aug 19, 2008

Projects A Plenty!

Oops. With life being as crazy as it tends to be it's not like I don't have enough trouble posting stuff on this blog as is.

Add into that normal mix something a tad drastic like flying halfway across the world, and well I just haven't had time to do it!

I do have lots of "real" life to report, but its just not as fun to write about frankly. So you'll have to wait for all that stuff later.

I will however note that though this blog has been silent for a bit, my other two (yeah I'm a bit of a blog junkie...) have been bustling with activity.

For good reason too! With the trip to Canada I've been able to retrieve a number of key computer files that I'd been separated from for over a year. Meaning that the last remnants of the Drum years are ready to finally be put together and shown the light of day...

Though this movie was shot in 2004, and finally completed in early 2006, Hardcore Apocalypse After Next Tuesday has long been overdue for an Internet debut... Why I'm punishing the world with it I'm not sure, but it will clearly demonstrate how the Prehistoric Insanity crew improved heaps over its 4 summer existence.

Check out the teaser at Prehistoric Insanity. Also keep checking in there as the movie should be up by mid September!

That project being of course our Sci-Fi (I've always wanted to make a space movie, and now I finally will!) movie Delta Patrol. It is looking very promising folks!

Granted the break of nearly 2 years on filming it means that its been a bit of work to get back into the editing process. I'm aiming to work on it for at least an hour each week. With the promise of a blooper every Sunday night.

Check out the progress by checking, once again, Prehistoric Insanity.

Of course as the sole member of PI Digital I'm ever busy. Not only with all the models from Delta Patrol but also my other on going project Traumador.
If you've lost base with what's going on with Traumador nows a great time to get back up to speed. Not only is the fact he is in Australia exciting enough, but he's just re met Lillian the girl of his dreams! Will Traumador finally find love and happiness? Find out as this is my attempt at making a friendly entry point into Traumador's life.

Of course there's lots of CG to do for these posts. Especially with my current goal of getting a CG Dino or other critter into ever 5th post at most. I'm also hoping to get some more Vlogs going again too.

The point being I like a full plate! So this blog may get ignored from time to time, but I promise I'm back onto my goal of at least one post a week... after August. Sorry just being home is very hectic at moment, but I'll try my best!