Nov 7, 2006

The Turning of the Tide

Well the hell that is Tim Hortons is over...

Despite them giving my money back, and my having technically agreed to work until this upcoming Saturday of the 11th I'm not working there EVER again. I blankly told them Saturday morning this...

They weren't happy about it of course. They just aren't efficent at communicating it. I think they were trying to make me feel guilty, but wording it as my leaving without proper notice shows "a lack of respect"... LOL I guess they did teach me something after all! If there's anyone whose good at showing disrespect it's them!

The reason I'm not going back. I got a new job. My dad found out that CFCN the TV station he works at needed a new guest greeter. My new tasks, as I got the position, include greeting special interview guests when they arrive at the station, entertaining them till their TV spot, and hooking them up with the gear needed for their interview.

The kicker it pays twice as much as Timmies for half the time. In other words I'm making almost the same amount for half the time!

Job starts this afternoon. I'll keep you posted of course.

So things are finally building up toward New Zealand as opposed to declining to depression or something a little more horror movieish.

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