Nov 3, 2006

Life According to Mal: Luck

Well its been one shiny day. Tim Hortons has become the enemy. Not just become the enemy, but the battle ground for my enemies. A valley of Serenity times ten. Timmies itself something of an Alliance and the costumers being the Reavers.

"Just for once I'd like things to go according to the goram plan!"

This morning we had the bakers pawn a bunch of their work onto us... Majorly upsetting our morning prep time. Then too boot when the rush started our supervisor, who is supposed to help, hungout in the office talking to a friend on the phone. Leaving me in charge of the front AND drivethrough. Each with about 5 costumers at any one time...

"You noticed anything lately about our luck lately"

This was nearly too much for me this morning. The worst morning of my whole Timmies on the eve of my quitting after they shafted me. Then the unthinkable happened...

"We've done the impossible and that makes us mighty"

The store owner pulls me aside after my shift. I'm expecting something resembling a scorning for my conduct this shift. Instead he tells me that I was right about the unfairness of my pay lose, and that they are going to give me it!!!

"Today's been a good day. I got paid"

I'm still leaving mind you. There is no trust left between me and Timmies, and unlike Mal I've got plenty of potential work.

Just goes to show you truely don't mess with Craig Dylke Browncoat!


Kirstin said...

stick it to the man!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo for standing your ground

Peter Bond said...

Dude, that rocks! Take the money and run.
Then find a better job!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea what you can do with the money. Buy tickets to every showing of Borat this weekend. GO SEE BORAT!!!