Dec 16, 2006

Training for the Future

Part 6 the conclusion to the training video.

Now as the story of how this movie came to be made has been told, I thought I'd quickly mention how this movie impacted the history and course of Prehistoric Insanity's other productions.

I personally would rate this as our second best production (second to only Delta Patrol our most current movie) due to its having a coherent story and somewhat watchable by none museum people.

This would be the first movie to have a Insanity type script (the 03 video had NO script whatsoever), and we would learn from this. For the first time making the training video we would do multiple takes of scenes, and on occasion even different angles (I point to Dan's really cool descent into the basement at the beginning of the movie). Probably most important of all we tried to tell a single story as opposed to a compilation of sketches.

Now the year 2004 would prove Prehistoric Insanity's most productive and active with 2 movies produced in that year (every other year only managed one, and 2005 was a close call on even just that). With Peter joining us in 2004 suddenly we had that much more momentium. I wish he'd been around for the Training Video because I think it would have been ten times better!

Now the Training Video had a legacy in our movie history. It inspired 2 failed projects for other summer videos. I had always envisioned and wanted more Stuck in Heller based movies (a concept I would be pitching till the end of my museum tour in 06). When that didn't take off we were inspired by our favourite clip of the Training Video and started to develop a Mission Infossible movie.

Of course sadly neither took off. When me and Peter sat down to brainstorm Prehistoric Insanity's most infamous movie The Hardcore Apoycalpse After Next Tuesday the Training Videoes legacy could still be felt. We still found a way to write in our version of Dr. Needles (the official museum version was kinda lame sadly) as the villian. Also little touches like the time tunnel from minimites was used for time travel.

When I think on fun times making a movie the Training Video is instantly my warm fuzzy memory. This is definately a real marker in my life as a triumph. I send out a real THANK YOU to all of you out there who helped make this happen. In particular Dan, Will, Peter, Cam, and Brad. Without your help this wouldn't have happened guys!

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