Dec 18, 2006

Fossilized Skin

Today an announcement about a discovery of exceptionally well preserved fossil skin from a Hadrosaur.

The skin is so well preserved and three dimensional that scientists are hopeful that it might be possible to acquire soft tissue remains as they did from Tyrannosaurus Rex last year (from the same area, and geologic formation.


Anonymous said...

Were you hitting on me?

_ ANEW _ said...

Hi Craig,

What a fantastic article!
Fossilized dinosaur skin !

I found this blog by random but had fun reading the articles : )

Michael F.T.F.

Michael Hoskin said...

Excellent, one day we will be able to recreate the baboonasaurus!

Prehistoric Insanity said...

paradox-reality couldn't say if I was or not as I don't know who you are... At least with that name.