Dec 18, 2006

The Movie That Never Was

Today I immortalize another short clip from Prehistoric Insanity's history. In this case I go with our first attempt at a movie immediately following the completion of the Training Video.

Based on how good our mock Mission Infossible Trailer turned out in the Training Video me, Dan, and new partner in crime Peter were inspired enough to try and develop a summer movie (or 3) based on it. I also had a great idea to try and push the envelop a bit by making this a choose your own adventure DVD. Sadly we didn't get beyond this teaser (which we hoped would rally enthusiasm and participation from staff at the Tyrrell).

The premise was pretty simple, and very different from the museum's actual play of the same name. A discredited young palaeontologist Nate (played by myself) would get drawn into the super secret side of palaeontology where he'd have to fight such evils as fossil poachers, creationists, and of course scientists using the science of palaeontology for evil. The greatest foe would be Palaeo Central's (the spy agency) arch Nemesis Dr. Needles (who made it into EVERY 2004 production!).

We filmed this halfway up the highway 9 hill in Drumheller (which is halfway to the mansion, me and Peter's home at the time). Was a riot to film. Apart from two things.

First is the shot where I action hero style flip the hammer and catch it. That took like 20 takes, but you try flipping a hammer like that and not watch it in one take!

Second was the sequence where I throw the hammer AT Dan. Man was that stressful. One mistake and Dan was in hospital at best. Fortunately my aim sucked LOL. Considering how far away the hammer was from him in each throw the shots look really good.

So enjoy this view of what may have been!

Upcoming in the week the 2005 production makes its Internet debut... Action Figure High!

I'd stick with the 2004 theme of posting, but like so much of its history Hardcore Apocalypse after Next Tuesday is proving difficult to get on the net. It'll be my holiday project.

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