Dec 30, 2006

Last Day of Work

Well today is marking several big cross roads.

First being it's my last day of work for hopefully a year. This last week has been fairly slow partially in part due to a 3 day week, and second slow business world. Unlike last week which was crazy I had 13 guests (a record by far) including a day with 5 of those in a row (I had to switch guests in the tight commercial breaks... I'm really really good at micing people now!)

Second is that this marks the beginning of my last week in Canada. I'm as of today about 95% packed and ready to go. Mostly (hopefully) just small details that need tending to at this stage.

1 comment:

Peter Bond said...

Dude, I can't believe you are leaving in only five days. That's crazy. I'll be calling you (skype style) once I'm back home on the 2nd.
I showed Marianne Action Figure High, and she liked it. She thought we were crazy, but she liked it!
PS: I got to play with liquid nitrogen today! Yeah cold!