Dec 20, 2006

Lights, Camera, Action... Figures that is

As promised yet another movie from Prehistoric Insanity's past. This round we jump forward in time to the interesting year 2005.

This year marked a sad note in the Insanity's history. Out of the original three stooges only I the weapon of mass imagination returned to Drumheller for the summer. Peter was off in University completing this education degree, and Dan had scored a sweet gig up at Fort Edmonton. This naturally made making a new movie difficult too impossible. Especially as I was living AT camp that year, which is a story in and of itself.

So for the majority of the summer it looked like a movie just wasn't going to happen.

The only thing that probably saved the whole year was that Cam became ubber interested in making one. Now talk was for a space movie of some kind. However due to both our schedules and a lack of interest of ANYONE else that worked at the museum that year (the majority of the new people were lame that year) this never materialized.

Where our eventual break through would come was the two of us talking about Team America World Police, and how awesome it was. Somehow we got on the idea of mixing Anakin Skywalker with Napoleon Dynamite (probably due to my being able to do Napoleon's voice really well).

Cam towards the end of summer was so into this idea that he filmed a demo with his still camera. This coincided very nicely with the arrival of Peter for a visit. Before we knew it we were in preproduction for a movie that would be filmed in less then a week at the VERY end of summer (all too formiliar from our desperate 2003 video adventure).

The rest of that tale awaits. In the meantime enjoy part one of what would become Action Figure High.

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