Dec 24, 2006

Action Stations

Onto Part 4 of Action Figure High. Here's what happened next.

We began filming at about 8pm thursday evening. We had exactly 24hrs to complete the shot as me and Peter needed to be back in Calgary Saturday to attend a wedding.

The production plan was simple make up the story as we went around a general premise of Luke and friends get throw out of their typical nerdish/outsider existence at skool, and thrown into a wacky adventure/quest.

All the lines and comedy are improvised (not unlike our other movies LOL just this stuff is comparatively better). Helping fuel this perhaps was the beer we were all drinking as the night went on. If you watch the scene in Part 2 where Luke starts running to Yoda's hill you can see a brief cameo of a Carlson beer can (the official beer of Prehistoric Insanity... if only they still made it).

By the end of the first night we had the majority of the film done. Our only incomplete scenes were the outdoor shots of Dinoworld, the crazy Xmas lights of futureworld, and the confrontation with Sally at the end.

Though this was a short list of unfinished scenes complicating production the next day was Cam having to work his day shift at the museum followed by an evening shift at the Bar. How did we pull it off?

Tune in for Part 5. First watch Part 4.

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