Dec 14, 2006

Training Comes Together

Part 3 of the Training Video... Story of it's production still in progress

Returning to Calgary I begun the process of editing together what we had filmed on reading week 04. Immediately I fell in love with the intro sitcom sequence. History would show this was not the most popular part of the movie, but to me it is still my favourite.

I was able to get a huge amount of the beginning and end put together. However we had only filmed the clips for a fraction of the summer programs. We had Dinosite (though this first version would be rejected, and be refilmed in spring), Casting, Gallery Tour, and Mini Mites leaving us with over half the programs to film (and in most cases imagine a funny scenario).

The plan had been to film many of these program sequences during my time in Calgary. However due to a combination of lack of time and inspiration I was only able to get one done. This was the miniature Drumheller tour scene, and is in my top three program sequences. I was unable to come up with any other program bit in Calgary though, and these would have to wait till I returned to Drumheller where Dan could both help and star in these uncomplete parts.

By the time school ended, and I returned to Drumheller for the 04 season the film was about 3/5 done... Or at least so I thought. The saga of the last 2 weeks of production are a tale in and of themselves...

I present to you part 3...

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