Dec 7, 2006

The Cream of the Crop

Well due to editing of a long term and overdue project (Dan's sister's wedding) I am unable to get anything too impressive up for the Prehistoric Insanity Cyber Video series.

So like my last few posts I'm going with the few good small things I have handy at moment. This is not technically a short of its own persay (though it could function as one), but rather a single component from the Training Video once again. In the buildup to that projects uploading I give you a staff favorite... Mission Infossible

Filmed in only 20 mins see if you can spot some of our time cutting techniques. Also be sure to check out the actual clip on youtube and rate it...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think the reluctant hero should utilize his knowledge of fashion to stop the evil Dr. Socks and Sandals.