Dec 24, 2006

Final Action

The final chapter of Action Figure High Part 5. Also comes with end of story of its production. Note: Good grammer or compelling narrative not included.

Our drunken filming from the night before gave us the bulk of the movie. However many of the key cool scenes were needed. Just going to show how important and key action sequences are to movies today.

Our first order of business was the Pooky Wooky battle. This was stressful for me the story editor as if it turned out we had missed a scene with the monster after our torching it there was no going back. In the end we proceeded.

First we filmed all the action figure vs. Pooky Wooky clips. Then it was onto the actual flame thrower. This was accomplished by borrowing gasoline from Cam's neighbor Claymore and filling the Pooky Wooky's mouth to the top, and spreading it around Cam's front porch. We had everyone's still cameras filming it as well as my camcorder to capture different angles of this ONE time shot (kinda made us feel like a real production company filming that one multi million $ sequence). Unfortunately the other cameras would prove unusable.

The good news man did that thing burn! For 9 whole minutes! So well in fact we were worried that the fire department might get called in. Didn't happen. I had more then enough footage from the camcorder to pull off the scene in editing. The one bad side effect. The toxic smoke that rendered me and Cam coughing unhealthily for the rest of production (and in my case for 2 more days).

Then it was on to Dinoworld and all its fun. By far the most entertaining was making Yoda's car fly!

With that wrapping up me and Peter hastily set up Futureworld in the computer room using all available funky things in the house as well as 2 boxes worth of XMas lights.

Lastly too the basement we went to film the Sally confrontation. Was a fairly simple set up as Cam's basement is among the creepiest places in the world (still mad I couldn't rent it as my summer home!).

As we wrapped up Cam had to fly off to work, and me and Peter had to hit the road for Calgary. Was by far the most intense and efficient shot Prehistoric Insanity has done, and we have MANY short shots like this under our belts.

Enjoy this among our greatest achievements (though I wonder how much better it could have been had Dan been around that summer).

Stay tuned after Xmas for our greatest experiment and possible only folly. The Hardcore Apocalypse After Next Tuesday

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