Dec 27, 2006

Check out the Traum Vlog

hey there people of craig's blog. i'm traumador the tyrannosaur, and i'm just taking this oppurtunity to tell you not only about my blog but also my first ever vlog! i made it with not only the help of my agent peter, but also my good friend craig! so i don't think he'll mind me posting it here as it is kinda his work.

Uh Traumador, I do actually mind you posting this on my blog, and more to the point I mind you POSTING ON MY BLOG AT ALL!

oh hey craig! i didn't know that a blog could be used as a chat board like this...

Technically Traumador you can't. You posted this, and then I edited the post, and you did it again. Thus here we are AGAIN. Why are you posting things on MY blog?

cause my agent peter said that i needed to advertise myself more. so i hacked your blog with that list of passwords you used to keep in in drumheller. pretty clever eh...

You stole my password sheet?!? TRAUMADOR!!!

hey don't blame me if you left it lying around in that locked drawer in your desk hidden in a craved out copy of stephen j. gould's wonderful life.

This is not happening. Wait a minute. You've made me edit this post how many times?!? Enough of this Truamador get off MY BLOG NOW!

okay! phew good thing i wasn't on your blog just then. otherwise i might be in trouble...


Anonymous said...

Aww Craig. Don't be so hard on Traumador he meant well. Poor little guy is just trying to be noticed. :)

Peter Bond said...

(Hey Well done Traum!)
Erm, Hello Craig! Please forgive Traumador's intrusion...all he needs now is a bit of advertizing, and as his old roommate and father-figure, you could do that.
Please have patients,