Dec 24, 2006

Jumping into Action

Time for Part 3 of Action Figure High. Its story already in progress.

With our cast of props gathered (one of the few instances that having your props means you have a movie together) it was time to come up with a story and setting.

The initial idea surrounded a murder mystery in which characters would be killed off scene by scene. In the end the murders were going to have been perpetrated by the Ninja Turtles, but as we'd bought the Pooky Wooky (whose name won't be invented till filming) it was realized that we were going to need a whole new premise.

Cam and Peter came up with the fitting setting of a high school, and that we should have the cast be a group of questing students. Now I started on a first draft of the story which was a LOT more complicated and convoluted.

This story would have had a subplot of Thor's dad being overthrown as the mayor of action figureville, and multiple potential villains so that Sally's reveal would be a "shocker". Fortunately I was vetoed as filming began. The production motto was "keep it simple".

Cam and Peter eagerly spent an hour designing set pieces on the computer printing them and making the school. All the doors, windows, lockers, flags, and posters were made in this fashion. I was kinda third wheel during this process. My major contribution was gathering the AstroTurf from the basement.

With the school set up and two days to film we cracked open a few six packs of Carlson Beer, and began the filming.

The rest of the story to follow on Part 4. Till then enjoy

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