Dec 6, 2006

First Cameo

Today at work I was quite surprised to have to greet a guest who I already knew... It was also something of a treat as I quite liked this person, and probably wouldn't have seen them before I left.

Now rather then keep you in suspense it was Professor Keith Brownsey of Mount Royal College one of my favorite teachers during my poli-sci degree. He didn't remember me initially, though once he heard my last name he remembered. "Ah yes Mr. Dylke I do remember you. Just didn't recognize you without your earphones on"

With this story as a backdrop for some reason. Not sure why really. I just thought it was a funny incident, and will probably prove one of the most memorable in this current job. I give you the start of the new string of Prehistoric Insanity Videos

This is from the sadly rejected training video of 2004. It is probably one of my most treasured video sequences ever due to the guest star, and for once I do mean STAR! We somehow managed to convince the one and only Dr. Phil Currie to appear in our video for a moment. To top it all off he refers to me by name!!!

This is huge for two reasons. One it's just freaking cool that I talk to Dr. Phil Currie in a movie! Two I never did manage to get an actual photo of me and him standing together... So rather then be out done by my peers I one up everyone.

So you understand the content of this clip it was a joke that Dan and I were forced to cut from the training video (the story of the training video and the video itself coming later this week!) that revolved around me giving anyone in the movie money if it was for rent. I personally thought this was the best of those jokes.

I leave that to you my internet audience to decide.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for not showing the blooper we filmed of your side of the conversation when I called from Brad's office.