Oct 25, 2011

Traumador Limbo

I have become quite pleased with my Maori Mosasaur pattern. So much so I thought I'd play with it for a few minutes.

The result you get some Traumador photos that have been in limbo for almost 2 years. Not that I'm planning on really getting back to Traum (sorry to the Traum fans out there, and my tiny now neglected saurian friend). The time and commit just aren't there (especially with the new teaching job).

I might give you a shortened version of his last year in New Zealand I have 3/4 of the photos for (and it was this missing quarter that killed the blog... I had too many holes in the photos).

In any case here is one of the most exciting sets of photos from the "Hunt for the Taniwha"

1 comment:

Albertonykus said...

Better than leaving all the plot threads hanging! Glad to see that the mosasaur will- would have returned.