Oct 29, 2011

My New Wheels (Pimp my 推车 part 0)

So I took my first official plunge into doing as the locals do. In this case I picked up the means of transport all the cool kids... errrr little old ladies are using for getting their things around.

Behold my new ride (well ride for my work stuff). This is my trolley or Tuiche 推车.

推车 are more common than cars and bikes (though not taxis). So now I am the proud owner of the most common means of transportation in Hong Kong.

Its even collapsible.
That said I think I can personalize these wheels a bit. At moment I could just blend into the crowd as just another little old lady... who is the wrong gender, different skin colour, and three times the size of all the other old ladies. I also think I can increase its functionality.

So stay tuned for my efforts to "pimp" my 推车...

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