Oct 22, 2011

Hong Kong's Bird Market

Out of the many markets here in Hong Kong, one those I've most wanted to visit was the Bird Market. I'd heard about this one long before I came here (most of the others I'm only learning about now after arriving).

It has moved locations from the incarnation I'd originally read about. I certainly approve of the new venue. This elevated garden is a lovely place to go see birds.

The entry way to the market has many lovely tiled mosaics decorating the path.

There certainly were many birds and bird keeping supplies for sale here. However the word market isn't the best descriptor for this place.

It is more like a meeting place and hangout for Hong Kong bird enthusiasts. You get the impression most of the people who make up the "market" are just here to show off their pets, visit people with a similar interest, see other people's birds, and maybe sell some of their breeding excess to fund their hobby.

There are certainly a few bird dealers that clearly only make their living from selling animals. However they are in a back alley like component of the garden, and you can easily avoid it if you want to.

I was amazed at some of the variety and yet how many mundane birds I saw here.

A few local songbirds were popular as pets, like this White Eye. They certainly gave it a feeling of the orient. There were Nightingales to really hit home my childhood memories of China and birds (sadly none of my pictures of them turned out from this visit... try for some next time).

Most of the birds however were of varieties we're used to seeing as pets. Mind in the exotic locality they definitely had a unique flare and flavour compared to their "typical" counterparts in the West.

Concluding I can't quite emphasis enough just how nice the venue is. If you're in Hong Kong and you like birds with a nice sunny day to explore the birds market is definitely worth a stop!

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Anonymous said...

Great Review! It certainly looks absolutely beautiful! Definitely going to mark it for any possible visit to Hong Kong!