Aug 26, 2011

Lighting Challenge 2

It has been a really stressful and tense 2 days, as we're waiting back on a very key job application. I've ended up unable to focus on anything too thought intensive. Making my lighting challenge a perfect thing to run in the background.

At moment I'm only really playing with individual key lights, so they are not too time (or brain consuming) on my part. Rendering times on the other hand are incredibly long. So once I make the change to the light I can leave it for 30 minutes while it renders.

The changes are subtle, and some are not enough to fix the problems. I'll go through each element to make it more clear.

I differentiated the source lights on nearly every component in this scene. So all like things in this rendition have a unique source light targeting only them (which caused me some major issue in sorting out shadows).

The Gorgosaurus has a slight blue gel on it. I'm happy with this initial setup. I plan on following more of David's suggestions with him.

The Styracosaurs have a strong red gel on their source light which is helping bring them out of the background, but not enough. They are going to need more light tweaking.

The plants have a mid yellow filter, and this has brought out the details on them while not drastically brightening them. I'm especially happy with how the Gingko leaves now pop out from each other. I'll be probably leaving this lighting the same, and leave the forest alone from here on here.

This is the old version from my last post so you can compare. There are differences, but sadly not as pronounced as I had wanted.

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