Aug 13, 2011

Australian Animals 2011 (so far...)

Here is a pictorial showcase of the cool wildlife I've been able to spot here in Australia this trip.

I have a slight headache, so I'm going to be light on words here.

Wattle Bird


Splendid Wren

The most Cormorants I've ever seen swimming in the same spot.

Australian Robin

Black Cockatoo.

Wedge tail Eagle

Tasmanian Waterhen

Lots of different Rosellas


Lots of Kookaburras (funny enough)

On the mammal front lots of Pademelons

An Echidna!

Four wild Wombats all in one day! The only time I've ever seen them in the wild, and it is within 10 hours...

A Gold Tail Possum.

Got the closest to this little gal in fact.


Albertonykus said...

Amazing. I've always wanted to go. Maybe someday...

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

loving them all

perhaps wombats are my fave ones!