Aug 15, 2011

Lighting Blooper

Had a funny mistake today while playing with lights. Thought you might kick a giggle out of it.

I was starting to setup some forest and lights for this fellow. Before adding trees I thought it might be fun to add some light cone effects (god rays in real life situations). I probably should have added the trees before hand to proper see how the effect was going, but I've played with light cones a lot in my water scenes so I know how they work. So I set up a quick light cone, but forgot to reposition the spot light (which was way too close to the model and ground). Giving me...

A Tyrannosauriod beaming down to Saskatchewan (For you non-Canadians there is a joke about our middle province being so flat you can see your dog running away for days... Much like the landscape my Gorgosaurus finds itself in right now).

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