Aug 7, 2011

I'm out of the race

So just like that I will no longer be participating in Scott Person's request for cartoons as seen over on ART Evolved.

I have been approached by another palaeo-project, however they are offering to pay me for the use of my Hadrosaur model...

This offer has opened up a whole can of worms for me in regards to using my models. That alone their use for free art (thankfully I hadn't committed to the piece that alone signed off on its use in Scott's talk). Suddenly I find myself an instant convert on the free vs. paid issue.

So while I have that advantage of pre-creating my models, I have also found that I have to guard the rights of their use once they are made if I want to realistically sell their use. So from here on in I will not be lightly doing any free art. For the record this will likely only be reconstructions for descriptions.

Interesting times 2011 has been shaping up into palaeo-art wise (at least on ART Evolved). Do pop over and comment on the ART Evolved post your opinion on the free vs. paid debate.


Anonymous said...

Excellent news Craig!

Good luck! I hope to see your Hadrosaur up in lights soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the Scott Person thing, but it's great that you're now in a good position to really make some money in this down economy. Good luck!