Aug 28, 2009

What a week...

Chaos, I believe is a great word to describe this week at work. Which is funny, normally I see myself as something of a chaotic element in the skool system. A rocker of the boat, challenger of norms, and a rogue element rampaging around the box. Sadly this week slightly shattered these illusions.

I obviously can't go into detail, but at my regular skool there was a HUGE powderkeg of behavioural and aggressive incidents all on my first day of four. It was quite odd to be there throughout the whole resolution process. As a result of it all, the kids were all very agitated and unsettled. Which resulted in me having to the enforcer of the status quo and be less my normal self, aka I wasn't much fun and thus didn't have much fun. Oh well. Hopefully the weekend will let us all purge this week from our systems, and we can start fresh when I return there next week.

Last night, while catching up with Bond, I started construction on this Burgess critter, Odaraia. Though not one of my favourites, I've always had a softspot for this floating shrimp taco with eyes.

I'm not extremely proud or happy of this model. It is functional, but that is all I need it for. My goal of getting 5 pieces in for this ART Evolved gallery has required some cutting of corners.

After some moderate tinkering today I was able to produce a descent schooling effect for them. This is only one layer of 3, as I plan to add 2 more swimming Burgess critters to this scene, and then have an Anomalocaris in the middle tearing a poor catch to shreds.

Though I don't particularly like my Odaraia model, it works well in this swarm. There was a minor but not remarkable tech break through, as there are 4 skeletoned and posed variants of the Odaraia comprising the school.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your week, man!! :/ I do agree that it's time NOT to dwell on it but prepare to begin anew next week. ;)

By the way, I like your Odaraia...though I had never heard of this animal until just now.

As you know by now, my knowledge of the Burgess Shale/Cambrian fauna is somewhat lacking. :P

Do mind in explaining this unusual organism to me? That would be greatly appreciated! :?

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

woohoooo! you got an entire aquarium!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dinorider!

Can you wait for the Anomalocaridid Gallery, tomorrow? I know I can't!!! :)

Albertonykus said...

I just saw all the finished works on Art Evolved, and they're nothing short of spectacular!

Albertonykus said...
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Albertonykus said...
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