Sep 5, 2009

I'm in a Magazine!

It has ended up being a huge week for ART Evolved. Not only did we just launch the new Anomalocaridid gallery, but we just got our first big bit of publicity!

When Peter and I began our efforts to launch ART Evolved we joked about how cool it would be if it was noticed early on, as it can often take awhile for palaeo themed sites to take off. For the first time ever a Prehistoric Insanity project has taken off as hoped for (and to be honest our stuff normally doesn't warrant attention :P)

Myself and Peter were interviewed by EARTH magazine a while back about why we gathered an online community of palaeo-artists, and the article has just come out in this month's issue. It also features artwork of our fellow ART Evolved member's Glendon and Zach (sadly they didn't approach all our members, but we did suggest it), and Traumador gets plug through the picture of Lillian that they used.

Check it out if you can. Not that it is the easiest publication to track down. My mother in Calgary couldn't find it sold anywhere in town, and retailers here in NZ looked at me like I was making up the mag. However if you happen across a copy I'm in there :P

Here is my piece The First Great Predator from this month's ART Evolved. This has become my next vechile from which I hope to get published in print soon. Prehistoric Times will be featuring Anomalocaridids in an upcoming issue, and I plan to have at least one of my 4 pieces included!

The EARTH magazine article has me really fired up artistically, and I'm starting to feel like I might have some talent. I'm quite proud of my final products for the Anomalocarid gallery (especially The First Great Predator and Once Upon a Claw), and hope to continue this upswing in my overall abilities 2009 has heralded. Now with this achieved and potential publication I'm thinking I may yet to break out as a semi-professional Palaeo-Artist in the foreseeable future...


Anonymous said...

Indeed, you SHOULD be proud of yourself!! :) You guys earned it!!

As for you having talent, Craig, I wouldn't worry about it! I don't believe you have talent. I believe you got that from Perserverance which is MORE important, in my personal opinion, than worrying about talent! Craig, you got where you are with your art by WORKING at it and staying at it, which is admirable. Look at our friend, the Flying Trilobite. He kept at his art and look at where it got him! You two have inspired me to keep practicing! :) I thank you for that, dude!!

And, if I can track down the issue, I'll buy MORE than one copy, keeping one for myself and sending the REST to Prehistoric Insanity and the other members of Art Evolved!! How's that sound? ;)

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...