Aug 4, 2009

Using my head

If last term was quiet (which sadly it was) then this term has been stupid busy! I'm so high in demand that I had a skool phone me in the middle of the day whilst teaching at another. Something that never happens down here (skools are independent pseudo competitive entities).

While this is good for my wallet, it sucks for my projects! I have no time or energy anymore...

Still I get in a stab here and there where I can...

One of the big ones as of late has been the upgrade to the Troodon model. The weekend (which was eaten up with some long, but fun photo taking field trips) saw one major improvement that I'm finally happy with. Zendin's head.

This was where the model started, with the head I built back in early 2008. It is not very good by my modern standards, but for back then this was cutting edge.
Since I have sadly come up with some really nice Theropod skulls I'm proud of. This Velociraptor being one of the most (only Lillian's out does this for my top picks of my 3D dinos). Furthermore despite them being distant cousins, Velociraptor and Troodon had similarly shaped skulls.
I thought some strategic tweaks to this model with a new shader, and I could solve my Troodon skull problems in no time... Why do I always think these stupid things?
This is where I got it as of my last post. As you may recall I was not overly pleased. This failed effort was NOT easy or quick as I'd hoped, and the next stab wasn't any more of these two it turns out :(

So I dug up some references.
One of which I accidentally discovered on a 3D forum I keep up with. A nice 3D model by ExprssnImg (you can check out the model for sale here).
Now I'm not the sort who buys his models (it is shocking how many 3D "artists" out there seem to enjoy 3Ding using other peoples models... for me 75% of the fun is in the building) but this was constructive, as the angles shown on this thing's advert gave me an idea how they'd built it.

The other Troodon I liked was this rather stunning reconstruction by Frank DeNota. Also a 3D creation, though sadly only the one angle.

Between the two of them were elements I loved. The snout shape of the first (as DeNota's to me is too much like my Velociraptor...) but the cute innocent eyes and demeanor of the second.

Though not a perfect blend, I'm much happier with this. However being the perfectionist I am I still don't love this...

I'm hoping after the major retexturing and shading job I'm going to be doing the model it'll look better. The methods and manners I create my Dinosaurs colour schemes with have changed a lot since 2008, so I'm hoping this rebuild will look much better with a new colour scheme.

So here is where Zendin is sitting at right now.
Is he lovable and cute? That's what I'm aiming for. Lady R just doesn't think a Dinosaur can be made to match these descriptors... I'm hoping she is wrong!


Albertonykus said...

Good for you for trying to make cute, endearing dinosaurs, and (from my point of view) succeeding, too! That's something I try to do with my drawings.

Don't worry, if all else fails, you can always get the picture of a chickadee. XD

Anonymous said...

They're looking good, Craig! You REALLY should feel proud of yourself!! Sure, your time is now even MORE limited, but the Troodon is still looking good! Again, Good Work!!

BTW- It IS possible to think Dinosaurs are cute, by women. Seriously, my mom can look at an infant velociraptor or tyrannosaur and just.....y'know go "ga-ga" over it (Okay, I exaggerrated somewhat, but, at least she finds them cute.).

Does this help at all? ;)

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

I had seen DeNota's but I didn't know it was his.

His Troodon is certainly cute... theropods may be sort of deadly but cute at the same time.