Dec 25, 2008

X-mas Panorama Style!

Merry X Mas!!! Which I've already had, on account of New Zealand being in the future compared to most people.

What a crazy and hectic couple weeks its been... It took the shut down of all things civilized, due to the holiday day, for things to calm down!

For starters I made it back safe(ish) and sound from my hike along the Kepler Track. Not that is wasn't without incident, but I'll be posting on the whole trek in more detail soon (probably tomorrow). Enjoy this sample pic of the hike for now.

You'll note the professional quality style panorama nature of the shot. This is the result of today's funny X-Mas story.
Rhonwyn and myself spent X-Mas day with our friends Paul and Laura. Somehow Paul got to showing me his really amazing panorama software which blew me away. When he saw how psyched I was about it, he whipped out its DVD and installed it on mine and Rhonwyn's machines. Next thing you know EVERYONE was at their respective computers for an hour making panorama shots! Not the typical X-Mas activity I know, but we all had fun and now have amazing products to show for it!

To give you an idea, here is one of my own hand made panoramas (you may recall from 2007) in which you can see the lines and lighting differences of the various photos I stuck together in photoshop.

This is the result of the new and improved program. What blows me away is the program stretches and colour balances it all perfectly, and it only takes literally 1 min per panorama! My photoshopping efforts could take up to 45 min (more due to the size of the photos I was cutting and pasting).
Anyways hope you and yours have a happy holiday, and find something equally fun to do (whether it be conventional or non-conventional)

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Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

that panorama software stuff sounds and looks really interesting, wish I had something like that. what's its name Traum?