Dec 10, 2008

An actual interview!

Well this is the 4th or 5th time I've applied for a position at the local Otago Museum. Unlike all my other attempts I actually got an interview this time!

The position is basically just one small step up the totem pole from what I was doing at the Tyrrell, but it is exactly the sort of job I was aiming to get with my education degree.

The interview was today around lunchtime. However ever since the absolute joke that was my DPP interview results (again I quote "need more experience working with children") my confidence on these sorts of things is completely shot. I can't say how it went. Probably not as bad as I'm feeling at moment. The DPP thing has felt like an Albatross around my neck all year, and thus made me weary about this sort of stuff.

If I don't get the position it'll suck, but at least I do have a job next year to fall back on. So it won't disrupt life if they pass up on me.

In trying to keep up a positive face, how could they resist a museum veteran like me though? ;p


LĂșthien said...

Shame about the lack of experience thing, still it's better than the stock "you need more NZ experience" that many people get. Good luck with the next one.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Anyone can see live action samples of what you are able to do at Traum's, on youtube, etc and I can tell that you got more talent than what certain people may be unable to see. It's not your problem, it's THEIRS!