Dec 15, 2008

The Toughest of Dinosaurs

The list of general Dinosaur types I haven't built a 3D model for is shrinking by the day.

Two particular families of plant eater have intimidated me for a long while, but I finally bite the bullet today (my first day of work less holidays). I present one completed armoured Dinosaur, and one in progress.

First off the completed Stegosaur. I had planned on an elaborate solution to the plates, but I just ended up modelling them standard and manually placing them. So I got the model done quick(er), but posing it might prove slightly annoying. Fortunately it's only half of the plates that are in moving parts.
Here it is properly lite (not posed mind you).

Here is the start of my next, and probably hardest Dinosaur type. The armoured Ankylosaurs.
I'm happy with the top dome armour, but not sure about the bottom. I may rework some BIGGER armour for the top and swap the current dome stuff to take the place of the bottom "bubbles". Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Work, Dude!!!! The Stegosaur looks pretty good. Y'know the old saying, "Practice makes Perfect." (Although, I'm not sure "perfect" is the right word to use for that saying.)

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Stego! the one I wanted! I liked seeing it next to thosee vehicles.

you are right the bottom bubbles look kinda weird right now, but perhaps, with the final color covering the anky's head, things will look better than what you think right now! your anky looks really cute, I may want to have it as a pet ... as long as it doesn't get angry and destroys everything

Peter Bond said...

Nice work! The ank will be really tough. Larger, more symmetrical scutes are needed on the back. Are you doing ankylosaurus, or euoplocephalus? Euo has plates that might be easier to model...
But the steg looks great!