Dec 28, 2011

Transformer Ripoffs #1

Name: Chenge Rnboes

So kicking off my Transformer toy ripoff series is this unique, but all telling entrant. The toy itself could be passed off as a medium quality Optimus (and smaller bumblebee) figure. However the names and titles instantly give away this particular unit's counterfeit origin.

The title Chenge Rnboes was clearly someone in China smashing a keyboard at random till they got something that vaguely resembled changing robots. While this might sound silly, but it is very common in China.

What endears this one to me is the "alternative title" of Chariot Missile at the top. When spotting this particular model in the toy markets, it is the Missile title I always notice first.

Most of the other Transformers toys I'll be posting have proper english titles, but these can be just as funny as random letters. So stay tuned.

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