Dec 22, 2011

Style is everything

Semester is over. Leaving me realizing I've been in Hong Kong a while now. I just never had the time to look around and truly absorb that fact. Not that it is freaking me out. I'm just finally taking in the fact I've been here a while.

Anyways so while I have some spare time (sadly not as much as I'd like), I need to sort out some concrete creative objectives. Right now I have any number of options. However I've decided to focus on two.

1. Is my 3D lighting. I finally acquired what is considered the textbook on 3D lighting, and have read half of it. I however have not had time to try out anything discussed within. So that will be my priority. I will use it on my feathered Dino ART Evolved piece.

2. Try and get a bit of an idea how I want my eventual future Traumador project to look. So I'll be playing with styles of rendering like below.

A possible (though not likely) cartoon style.

The original

I'm also planning on finally catching up on all my silly HK discoveries and adventures.

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