Dec 29, 2011

Live Blog 2011 #1

Working away on my ART Evolved feathered Dinosaur, while talking to Peter Bond.

While we've worked on art while talking together on skype in the past, the new feature of being able to share live screen shots, has massively increased the experience. Not only can we discuss our art, we can take the other through our process. Amazingly fun stuff.

I finished rigging and feathering the Troodon.

However as rigging 100's of individual feathers is slowing things to a near halt I'm tempted to engage in a short side project of "billboard" decal replacements that might let me not slow down.

1 comment:

Albertonykus said...

Very nice! I like the now feathered fingers and structure of the wing feathers. Though I still recommend adding primaries; ironically it's tertials (big wing feathers on the upper arm) that probably weren't present in early paravians.