Dec 29, 2011

Lighting Retry

So me and Bond have been creating art for nearly hours. We must be getting rusty or something, because neither of us is anywhere near done...

Mind you as we were both trying out new techniques and methods, so while the art isn't done we did make a lot of progress each. In Peter's case figuring out how to use his new tablet in conjunction with his new Photoshop suite.

I on the other hand am making a fresh start on 3D lighting (in addition to the challenges of 3D feathers) with the help of Jeremy Birn's amazing book Digital Lighting and Rendering. This book has given me a good catch up on professional terms and concepts my friends David and Matt have been trying to relay to me for a while.

I've made it through sky and bounce lighting this proto scene and Troodon so far. I need to definitely come at him (and his feathers) with a rim.

Thoughts on this initial prototype. Especially from the lighting crew?

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davidmaas said...

Now that's progress!