Jul 14, 2009

Tinkering with Motion

I love phoning home!

Not only am I able to catch up, but I've perfected casual 3D modelling which doesn't effect my concentration at all. So I get back in touch, and tend to have built something brand new at the same time!

My latest construct are these Dinomischus, one of the truly stranger creatures from the Burgess Shale. They may look like a flowerish coral or Crinoids, but their a totally unique type of animal that appears to have gone extinct by the end of the Cambrian.

The coolest thing is that due to work on my Anomalocaris, I've got animating segmented 3D models down pat. So while chatting to people back home, I was able to painlessly and casually animate these bad boys too!

Their not perfect yet. The sway is a little jerky, and the tide move them must be bloody strong, but considering I just moved the model back and forth while talking to a friend of mine's 6 year daughter this isn't too bad!

Everyone involved in the "Top-Secret" project let me know what you think. This is the first step towards it!


Anonymous said...

Nicely Done!!

Albertonykus said...

Really impressive!