Apr 20, 2009

Hairy Annoyance

My latest adventure in 3D isn't as new and exciting as it might sound... Hair the furry frontier...

Fur is simply a slight modification on feathers, and we all remember how much I "loved" those... but yet I can now do them for the most part (just with headaches everytime... which as luck would have it carries over to fur!)

So this is approaching the final version of my Gorgonopsid (he's getting a little more fur on the chin, and the back legs).

Anyone who knows a thing or two about them, could you let me know what you think? Is this passable or just an insult to our very fore forefathers?

I'm not totally happy with it. Which is tearing at me (fun fact about Craig, though he is in 90% of his life totally flexible and easy going, when it comes to his creative endeavours is a perfectionist and is NEVER happy with anything he does!). I don't want to present work of mine if its not up to the level as it were. Especially in my current effort to get some of my work published legitimately.

However as this is "just" for ART Evolved, and not a model I have a use for beyond that, I can't see a reason to pour hours and hours into pushing it beyond this point (especially since I'm also in the middle of trying to get the BIGGEST event in Traumador's history together right now... one that features my BEST work yet! Including a bleeding wounded Dinosaur!).

So any of the artists out there, what is your take on my current situation? Let this thing loose (of course posed and in an environment in a proper scene) or do I throw myself off my more legit artistic efforts to make sure this one is also a top notch product?

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