Apr 2, 2009

Feathers, sorted, but I STILL hate them!

Well after yet another evening (3 in a row now) of fighting with these stupid 3D feathers, I have finally emerged on top. At least more so then when I started. This is yet more proof against the short victorious war model in any case.

Not that I didn't have some major malfunctions along the way!!!

The price of increased model quality and accuracy is the loss of 3Ding simplicity. This what I look at when dealing with the Oviraptor model in my program. I'm hoping you catch the unwieldiness of the thing.

In addition to the (spline form) model parts that make up the Dinosaur there are now skeletal rig "bones" (in blue) and surface replicated feathers (in white) jamming up the works. Probably not obvious to a none Carrara user is the multitude of aspects of these (the replicator in particular) not plainly visible here, but that I still have to keep track of while using the model.

Oh well, after some reverse engineering of my highly successful Dromaeosaurid feather setup (that I somehow fluky stumbled upon without meaning to), I was able to get this guy to finally feather agreeably.

One down (pun intended!) and many more to go... Hopefully transplanting my Velociraptor's feathers will work as well for all upcoming feather recipients as this guy!


Michael Hoskin said...

Hey, feathers! I pay your taxes!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

oh! now I see why animators usually don't enjoy working on feathered creatures. This requires a lot of patience and good work.

Anonymous said...

Nice job with the Oviraptor!

Anonymous said...

Your Oviraptor turned out great!! Well Done, Craig!