Oct 2, 2007

Dropping the 4th Wall

One of the key functions I'd planned for on this blog was a means of previewing and updating people on my various movie projects. As I haven't really gotten any movie things specifically on the go (though Delta Patrol will resume production once I get back home... and me and Bond do have another project in the planning stages) there hasn't been much of this to do.

I do have an ongoing creative venture in the form of Traumador's blog (now known as the Tyrannosaur Chronicles). I've just decided to drop the 4th wall on my end, and give people the behind the scenes scoop here.

Lately I've been trying to up the quality and wacky quota of his page. In particular, the recent "visit" by Traum's cousin Larry has been accomplished through my 3D program comboed with Photoshop (which I've effectively taught myself this year while in New Zealand) which have produced some awesome and fun effects.

Due to the moderate success this has caused (an increase of 3 people averagely visting per day) I intend on more CG dinos. Fortunently Dunedin has a famous playground known as "Dinosaur Park" which I've been planning for a while to bring into the Traum mythos. I won't give it all away now.

Hopefully these images will wet your appetite though. Any of you palaeo type people out there can let me know what you think (keeping in mind I've only just started on this model... this is a grand total of 2 hours work... I'm getting much quicker and better with this program)

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