Oct 7, 2007

The Beginning of the End...

The Deal
So here we are 9 months after my arrival in New Zealand. Though I'm still in the country for another 3 months (I arrive back in Canada December 29th for anyone wanting to plan the parade) things are in motion that will result in the time flying by at warp 9.9.
The breakdown is something like this:
  • The next 3 weeks are gearing up for my last posting of this year
  • 1 week of posting goes by with things here being "normal"
  • The majority of everyone not in teachers college (with the exception of Clare) all leave for their homes. I shed many tears, and am lonely... if not for...
  • 3 more weeks of posting that will keep me busy enough
  • 2 weeks of wrap up lectures
  • 3 weeks wandering New Zealand with my parents

So getting back to that first bullet my major effort to start posting began yesterday with serious intent.

Resulting in me getting my homework game face on. I "love" homework!
Providing an entertaining yet sobering interruption was the final formal dinner of the year. As you'll see it was a fun event, but it caused us all to realize that the finale clock is ticking away unrelentlessly in the background of the next 2 months (for us teacher wannabes... 1 month for everyone else).
So the lovely lady in my life showed up at my place an hour before dinner to assist me take off my game face. More to the point she came to assist me remove the large amount of excess hair from my removed game face.
Resulting in my new back to skool look (all of my kids today got in a "nice haircut Mr. D... though often followed up by "you look bald"). The beauty is the cut, apart from hair all over my bathroom, was free. The clippers I bought for $20 have more than paid for themselves.

Of course all were looking sharp and spiffy for the evening. Owain taking over Peter's former role as most savy of the lot.

The German also looked pretty slick. You'll note the tie. An ongoing bit of humour all year has been both his and mine own inability to tie them right. Even after Owain demoed it for us, Peter got a real pro diagram guide from a magazine, and Rhonwyn and Clare taunted us till we cried still no go. Our brilliant solution: have someone else tie it for us, and we keep them tied up afterwards no matter the cost!

Jack Attack! TM was the centre of gusto and enthusiasm for our group. If the weight and implications of "THE END" were getting you down a simple glance at Jack would snap you back into happy country.

The rest of the Canadian contingent were no less dressed up. The Twitch aka Rebbecca had quite an interesting evening that went well beyond the ball, but I'm not allowed to tell that story...

After a year of doing everything to just fall short of being an actual resident of the hall (which meant just not eating or sleeping here) Andrew was invited to this dinner as a virtual salmonder. His ever presence in the hall did not go unnoticed as you will see.

The other notable presence of the staging up to dinner was the hallwide debut of the late forming "most unexpected couple of the year" of Andy and Qui. Their so cute ahhhhhh.

Formal Dinner

All too sooner due to the inevitable march of time dinner was served.

Some lovely appeys were to be had. This pic was snapped a mere 5 minutes into being seated as me and Rhonwyn demolished the plate to this point.

Rhonwyn thought I was weird for taking such a pic as you can see. Me weird? Absurd!
Owain performs a magic trick with his wine (which as you can see he turned into magic energy lighting!). Also as you can see as of this photo he has perfected his replacement of Peter as most dashing. He should totally use this as his facebook profile pic (might have to start a group LOL).

If only dinner was as tasty as the appeys. These lamb ribs though nice were neither amazing nor most importantly filling. Thankfully due to my previous game face I'd been ravenous and eaten 5 buns and half the Sushi.

Granted I stopped complaining looking over at Jack Attack! TM who gave the meal his glorious approval.

The Master

I had planned to do this post with funny little speech and thought balloon captions of the photos (but due to time constraints had to abandon this ambition). If I had than Bruce head master of Salmond was going to become the arch nemesis of post. Especially since every photo I tried last night turned out blurry. This was the best I managed to snap until...

The coolest photo of the night, and definitely sums up Bruce's powers of non photo takingness. He apparently lives in a world of perpetual blurness.

The "Entertainment"

Though things were much better this time around than last formal dinner it still had to have one downer. That was the musical performance by Salmond residences. Now don't get me wrong. Well okay get me wrong. I don't care if people in the hall can play music or not. Especially free style rap!!!

Most notable rap by none other than blue berry here. I won't state his real name because I never refer to him by it (due to this ridiculous track suit he wears all the time... even to the FORMAL dinner!), and more to he point I don't know how to spell it.

He preformed not only rap lyrics, but "better" than that the music too. Yes that's right we have a musical piece of fruit at the hall, and you can sub him for a early 80's synthesizer (if playing a concert for deaf people anyways)...

Though some tried to put up a brave face I could not...

This was taken a minute into the rap performance. Though not a berry I felt I had at least exacted revenge on a distant relative.

The End of Year Awards

the final event of the evening was the award ceremony.

The big "shocker" was Ben the Gardener winning the Salmond best citizen award. Ben was the face of Salmond social events. If there was an event Ben was going, and more to the point insisting you go too.

Another big "surprise" was Andrew getting an official award for being a virtual Salmonder. Told you it would come up again (if I'd pulled off the comic version of this post this would have been a plot point LOL)

Now we reach the actual surprise component of the ceremony. The first one wasn't a surprise for me, but rather one I beset on Andy. Just as a finishing touch to the Demon Clock caper I nominated Andy for a slightly competed for category. Fortunately my prank won out.

Them German's will believe almost anything. (but I still love you Andy ;p )

The surprise was two fold. Andy was a little unhappy naturally. Qui who you see in photo moments after Andy's return from getting the award thought it was quite funny.

The big surprise (well sort of) was me and Rhonwyn winning an award. Sadly it's not one I can advertise or boast about that alone type the proper name for here. Too bad as they made a hilarious typo on it that removed much of the embrassment from recieving it, but I still can't state this incorrect version...

So from here on we leave the fun part of The End as

The Clock Still Ticks To Year's Conclusion...

Stay tuned for the Middle of the End

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