Sep 3, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

My posts seem to get more and more past tense.

So not this past weekend, but the one before that Dunedin experienced the fun natural phenomenon of a Lunar eclipse.

The funny tale about it was making a great effort the whole gang managed through separate means get up to signal hill (the highest point in Dunedin) to watch this wonder as it unfolded. Of course in a stroke of "irony" any sitcom writer could have devised (thus proving my life IS a sitcom, whose writers rotate every week or so) the sky suddenly were shrouded in unending cloud. This change in weather also, incidentally made the evening very cold and unpleasant for all concerned.

Having returned home defeated and unimpressed about an hour later of course we were "rewarded" with a crystal clear sky. Walking into the parking lot of Salmond we were rewarded with a lunar eclipse in progress. You'll note the roof of Salmond there for, I don't know, scale.

Kind of awesome that my grunt camera could actually pick that up. Who says you need a gazillion dollar camera with time exposure capabilities anyways?

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