Aug 27, 2007


Much to my surprise word and news of the annual Dunedin student riot actually reached North America.

First off I wasn't in it. I however do live only 3 blocks from it's location, but this space is occupied by the botanic garden which was locked up during the events in question.

Second though we did try to go see if we could see something we missed the first round of riots by an hour, and the second round won't happen till an hour after we all went to bed. When we went we headed up to a safe far away look out point.

I did manage to get some pics of a fraction of the aftermath, but the city was quick in cleaning the mess up. Due to homework tonight I'll have to wait to post these later.

My final comment on this is that what New Zealand calls a riot is not the same as a North American riot. The only difference between this and the celebrations of the Flames or Oilers making the Stanley cup is that riot police showed up here and escalated things.

There was next to no damage to buildings. It was just a LOT of broken bottles and burnt coaches (a Dunedin student trademark)

I assure you I didn't take this footage, just found it on youtube, but give you a far more accurate idea of the event then I could

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