May 5, 2009

Synapsid Palaeo-Art

The second ART Evolved gallery just went up. This one is about the mammal like reptiles the Synpasids. You can check it out here.

This is my final piece. Sunset on the Karoo. I'm extremely proud of it, which is odd. I normal loath my work on a number of levels. This one I have hardly any complaints or regrets with...

If I'm pleased with a piece, normally it is due to a technical aspect of my work. I either accomplished something I never have before or improved on an old technique (which ties into my art philosophy) in those projects. With this piece I'm pleased with the actual aesthetic of it. The piece actually seems like a piece of art to an extent.

One of my heroes, and my favourite palaeo-artist, is Charles Knight. Though I'd never claim this picture was anywhere near his quality, in an odd way the lighting gives mine a Knight like feel. Which is ALL I will claim. A Knight like atmosphere. To really see what I mean check out the larger version of the Karoo here and look at how my 3D rendering looks like it was painted?!?

Not that I aimed for or knew this was going to happen.

Still, even if it was by mistake. I'm very pleased with my accidental Knight!

1 comment:

Sean Craven said...

Craig, this is just gorgeous. The use of lighting, the limited pallate, the narrative content -- this is a solid and very attractive piece.

Between this and the Flood piece you are really taking some steps forward. Keep it up, man.

I'm gonna take a 3-D class next spring. Seeing what you've got here has me itching to get started.