Feb 19, 2007

Organization is Key...

Classes have been getting more intense as of late, and as of such my free time has been becoming more and more sparse. The weekend had some fun though. One of us Canadians celebrated a B-Day, and so there were festivities for that on Friday (sadly no pics were taken).

However with that fun came the need to pickup my socks and get to work on homework. Now one of the key aspects of being a teacher is being organized, and well after the crazy busy week my room was a disaster...

However unlike times of old I couldn't allow this to be the case. I need to get into better habits after all. So I forced myself to remedy the situation.



At this point I was then good to go on my homework.

In other news:

Salmond Hall is now fully populated. This weekend some 120 students arrived from all over the place to take up residence with the normal semester starting this week. The majority of these arrivals are 18 years old, and as of such gives me the feeling of being slightly old. Due to this being filled status we also were required last night to attend various welcoming and rules oriented meetings about the year, and the hall (adding to the killing of a fun weekend).

As part of the safety orientation we had a fire drill at 6am this morning that frankly was extremely disruptive to those of us who actually have classes. My whole day has been thrown off as a result.

I learned a bit more about the rules of cricket, and am on the brink of getting this interesting and wacky sport. I'm also somewhat capable of playing it. So I might look into playing on a team (I've been upping my exercise where I can these days).

Anyways hopefully something more exciting comes along for me to report on.


parentalunit said...

I'm so proud! Craig is tidying his room! What a guy! Maybe by the time he is finished his diploma he will have developed some superhero abilities and be able to vaporize dirty socks and underwear in a single bound! But if he does turn into a superhero, he should avoid tights - aside from being less than flattering on certain figures, they are just one more thing to have to clean. :)

Anonymous said...

wow I'm impressed. Have Dan and Kirstin seen this yet?