Feb 22, 2007

New Do and so much more...

Today has been a slightly big day out of the week, and represents the majority of events in my life as of late.

New Hair Do

After 1.5 months in New Zealand I was needing a haircut kinda desperately. Now I had been planning on simply going to the barber, but my mate Scott offered me the truly Kiwi solution to the problem.

I'd been noticing that a lot of Kiwi dudes had buzzed cuts, and there's a reason. They shave each others heads. I'm liking the price, and more importantly the style too! My first major move towards becoming more Kiwi that's for sure...


Classes have been marching on with intensity. This week has been science and dance.

Dance class sadly has been disappointing for the whole class thus far, but fortunately it'll be over tomorrow...

Earth and Beyond

In science this week we had to teach a lesson to 2 kids. I did mine on fossils to get it out of the way. Science has been proving thus far to be my favorite class so far (go figure).

We covered the curriculum area of the Earth and Beyond today which included ways to model and illustrate the movements of the Earth and the Moon that cause night and day, the seasons, and the Moon's phases.

Most of the modelling techniques are abstract or 2D and thus don't necessarily help teach the students the cause (the stats of grade 6 comprehension on the subject was scary... less then 45%!).

I realized fairly easily I can make some 3D animations that illustrate these processes, and have now embarked on this as part of my course requirements (it will count towards my science lesson planning AND professional development criteria! Yeah two birds one stone!).


The last big event of today was I FINALLY got hooked up to the Internet. That's right you're reading my first blog post written on my computer since I left Canada!!!

However as it was a long day, and I didn't sleep much last night I'm going to call it quits here for now, and go to bed.

Thus ending my big day.


Peter Bond said...

Hey internet! Hurrah! Great post mate, the new haircut is quite good! It suits you and you look a bit younger. Science does rock!
(I'm watching the People that Time Forgot right now! They've just found Tyler)

Michael Hoskin said...

Kiwi & Craig: together at last!