Feb 26, 2007


This weekend marked the first formal dinner of Salmond Hall. All of us living here were required to dress up for the event. The food was good, and fun chats were had by all.

The theory behind it is that it serves as a first taste of civilization and sophistication for all the young new adults living here. However for many of us in the senior wing dressing up in formal apparel is just a "novelty" due to it being a weekend day (and for the couple church goers even this isn't the case)

It was our official welcome though, and we were entertained by the headmaster Bruce (yes that is a Chinese peasants hat he's wearing and holding a rubber duck... it's a long story, that he is telling incidentally). We were welcomed into the hall, and wished a successful academic year.

The reason for this wish, all the normal university people start skool today is . They have it so tough.

Me and my classmates we enter into our first formal postings in schools this week. As of such my formal wear, seen here after the dinner, was put into use today, and will be for the next 4 Mondays and Tuesdays as I head out into a year 5-6 class (Grades 4-5 in Canada).

Also of note today was our official welcome to the Teachers College. We partook in a formal Maori welcome ceremony which was interesting, but having been here over a month I wasn't particularly needing a welcome per say. Oh well.

So like the posts title says last few days have all be formalities. With placement underway now I'm sure I'll have fun stories from out in the trenches soon enough!

I get to go to New Zealand camp next week! So be sure to stay tuned.

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