Feb 1, 2012

Transformers Ripoff #34


So this fellow has a "Mcthcest Weapon System" and is "Biggest Power Robot Toy".

Sadly I was very aggressively chased away from this stall. So I only got the two shots of a possible 3-4. You'll note the figure underneath has an equally keyboard mashed set of text including the title "Traesfnrmors" who has a "Mcehtceh Weapon System"

I did manage to snap this from a distance before the vendor spotted me again. Here we see THIS ripoff sports a "Menglie Weapon System".

In all seriousness I think this particular vendor was very dodgey (and his wares support my hunch). I've been shooed away before , but this guy had an air of true violent aggression had he managed to catch me. Otherwise I would have risked a second go. So unfortunantely you'll just have to enjoy this sample of what seemed a gold mine...

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Michael Hoskin said...

Next time, trenchcoat & fedora.