Feb 13, 2012

New gallery challenge

Well, the feathered Dinosaur gallery is up. While I didn't get everything I wanted into my piece, it was definite progress in the right direction.

Next up we have the the Dan Varner Tribute Gallery. This is a gallery kinda close to my heart as alot of my palaeo-art is set in the sea, and for the past 6 years Mr. Varner's work has been a huge inspiration and reference for me. So I would like to do a few high quality tribute pieces.

My first step has been to totally update my Tylosaurid model. Gone are all my past attempt at a primitive lizardine critter, and now he is a purely aquatic tetropod in everything from body plan to colouration.

Bonus points for anyone who can figure out the analouge colour scheme. Also not the tail fin has not yet been shaded.

So my initial big challenge is to figure out the component of underwater lighting. Caustics and main source lighting I've got a pretty firm grip on. It is bounce and secondary light I'll need to research.


alaskanime said...

Ooh! I know! It's a common dolphin coloration. I was thinking about doing something similar as a color scheme on a thalattosaurus, but that looks pretty darn good.

traumador said...

I want to say right, cause Common Dolphins are cool, but not quite.

It's an exact copy of a Pacific White Sided Dolphin. I didn't embelish or tweak it at all.

You're giving me credit for creativitiy if this were a Common Dolphin (for superficially they are sort of like a Pacific White Sided) as I'd have changed it a bit ;)